Our research approach is multidisciplinary, combining field survey, analytical chemistry and numerical modeling. Some topics that we are interested in are as follows.

Occurrence & flux
– How do the contaminants enter and move through waterways?
– What are the patterns of occurrence and distribution in different ecosystems?

– What are the major sources of the contaminants?
– How do they contribute to environmental contamination?
– How can we reduce or mitigate these sources to limit further contamination?

Exposure & risk
– What are the pathways of exposure for humans and wildlife?
– How can we measure and quantify exposure levels?
– What are the health risks associated with exposure to these contaminants?
– How can we mitigate these risks?

Remediation and management
– What are the most effective methods for removing these contaminants from waterways and ecosystems?
– How can we manage and prevent further contamination?
– What policies and regulations are needed to reduce exposure and protect public health?